Open Door Animation©

A bit of the futureUpdates

Posted by Open Door Animation Thu, April 16, 2015 01:09:49

A long time has passed sins the last update here... and a lot of stuff has happen.
We are now in full preproduction on not one, but two productions. One that I cant say that much about. It is a secret project, but I will let the world know when its ready.
The other one is called "The Longest Day" and is based upon a song by Elforg with the same name. It will be a cg animated film about a lonely mans journey trough a deserted landscape. We will put it up for crowdfunding as soon as we have cleared some minor issues.

Times are changingA new Beginning!

Posted by Open Door Animation Wed, December 04, 2013 12:04:51

mud Entertainment ain't no more, but we are still here. We have changed our name to Open Door Animation© and will continue to do our stuff.
We will now focus more on animation then before. but we will continue do other stuff too.
We will start the new year (2014) by making a couple of music videos using old super8 film!

More to come!