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Times are changing

General mud EntertainmentPosted by mud Entertainment Wed, December 04, 2013 12:09:27
mud Entertainment ain't no more, but we are still here. We have changed our name to Open Door Animation© and you will find us here

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New project!

General mud EntertainmentPosted by mud Entertainment Tue, July 24, 2012 10:32:59
This will be the first public announcement about our new project!
We cant say what it is yet, but it will be a founded trough Kickstarter. You will find it here.... mudEntertainment
Hope as many as possible will go in and support us when the time comes!

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Happy Birthday Ray Harryhausen

MoviesPosted by mud Entertainment Fri, June 29, 2012 11:36:29
I just want to take this opportunity to make this birthday wishes, and send my regards to the master and unquestinal king of Stop motion animation, mr Ray Harryhausen, who is celebrating his 92nd birthday today!
I can still remmeber the first time my father showd me Jason and the Argonauts in the mid 80's... that was a movie that changed my life completely, and that have followed me trough all my life.
When I became older I saw his earlier, and later movies, I can see them over and over again. from his erlie woork like "How to Bridge a Gorge" and "Guadalcanal" to his last film "The Story of 'The Tortoise & the Hare"

I only wish that I had bin able to work with this great man while he were still active as an animator. And I hope that I will get the chance to meet him one day!

All my love and best wishes I send to you Ray Harryhausen!

/Kristofer Harald

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General mud EntertainmentPosted by mud Entertainment Tue, February 21, 2012 10:47:00
We have not had so much to say here lately.. except that we cant show what we doing at the moment.

But we thought that we could show some things that we have done earlier!

Some Masks
This is a character Kristofer made for a Halloween party in 2010... Named "The Film Producer" by some of the rest on the party. It is made in silicone (PlatSil© Gel 10), the horns is made in plastic, and the beard and mustache is made of real hair.
Bella from the same Halloween party. Its made of Monster Makers Foam Latex, and Painted with prosaid miked with acrylic collors, and rubber mask grease paint.

Here they are how they look today!

This is Bella's homage to Gunnar Hansen, aka Leatherface! Made of skin colored latex, that was cut and torn to pieces, and then stitched together again! (one extra note... Mr. Hansen did like this one)

Some Puppets

The first one is a hand puppet for a little project from 2009 (that might get on the run) the following two ("The Master" and "The Little One") is from the short stop motion animated movie "Mindless" from 2006. Both of them are made with wire aluminum armature, and foam rubber bodies with clout made in various types fabrics, the heads are made in super sculpey, and the hands were made in clay (we might revisit this project, but then the hands will be made in silicone, and the heads might be in lighter plastic!). The last is a puppet is a stop motion puppet, not made for any movie, but just as a gift. it is made in the same way as the previous two, but with faux fur.


Well, we can show something that we have done lately!
All these faces are Kristofer's face. Plaster casts from failed alginate molds. The blue one is colored with ordinary food coloring... the plaster didn't like it, so it pressed out the color to the tips, and it ended with a wherry creepy effect (can say it cept on doing that after I took this photo, so now it mor or less totaly white, exept the nose tips, the lips and the end of the teath that is blue). The other two are colored with acrylic paint!
They all were made as an experiment, that went wrong... the red one was actually the only one that turned out the best from that original experiment... but we had actually come to like the way the other two turned out, so we tried to do a third one like that but it didn't "fail" as the other two, so we consider the red one as a failure. we are going to make silicone molds of them, and make plastic cast from them to hang on the wall!

Here is a new mask that Kristofer is working on, Hoping to be able to finish it soon. its going to be made in Foam Latex. We are waiting for Ultracal 30 at the moment, (witch is not sold in Sweden anymore, I don't know why), Kristofer will not do anything more on it until the Ultracal has come!

Here follows some links to video material we have done!

The Entries - Sugar Brain (music Video 2006... an extra note, its Kristofer who plays the bass)
`D´ (not completed Stop motion 2006)
Mindless trailer (Stop motion 2006)
Bob Blubit (stop motion 2008)

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We are working on something, but cant say what!

MoviesPosted by mud Entertainment Wed, December 14, 2011 13:37:05
I just realized that I had not made any comments here in the movie category, but that is because I cant say that much about the movies we are working on at the moment.
I can say that we are focusing on one project at the moment, that hopefully will be done in 2013.


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General mud EntertainmentPosted by mud Entertainment Wed, December 07, 2011 18:26:45
We are now on Facebook... go and like!

Also I thought we should try out a new financial way, Paypal!
If you want to donate for our future productions, feel free to do so to our paypal account All types of donations is welcome.


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Horror Night (part 2)

MakeupPosted by mud Entertainment Sun, November 20, 2011 23:19:52

Last Friday we went to Lidköping to do some FX makeup on kids and teens.

We were both a bit worried that it would turn out bad, and terrible, and that we just wanted it to be over.

But when we looked at our watches, we realized that it was almost over.

When we got there we were put on doing makeup for a theatrical group that was going to work as ghost.

We had a small brake shortly after we had started, because the fire alarm went off, and everyone had to get out when the fire brigade did there work.

After that we returned in and continued. Below follows some photos I took during the work. I didn’t have that much time to take photos, but I manage to take some!

Bella working on a sliced wrist

Head shots is funn

Bella, working on a wound on the side of the head of a girl.

And the last, and also the best shot of the eavning!


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Horror Night

MakeupPosted by mud Entertainment Thu, November 17, 2011 11:32:08

Tomorrow we will be in Lidköping, Sweden, to do some makeup stuff for the Horror night (Skräck natten 2011).

This is on more or les no budget basis so we use latex insted of silicone, and Mastix insted of Pros-Aide. Hope it will work.

Sorry for the bad quality, I didnet have my camera while we made these!


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